July Update: Smart filters, assessment indicators & improved search

Aleks, Founder and Developer

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Jul 31, 2017 • 5 min read

It's already been two full months since the new version of Gympro was released. How time flies. It has been great hearing everyone's feedback and first impressions. While most of it was positive, it was clear that we left out some things in the transition that you found quite useful. This meant that we got right back to work to bring you a new release as soon as possible. The main focus was on general table improvements across the board, some major usability upgrades to the clients section and finally some improvements to the assessments section.

Smart filters and client status

Gympro assessment indicators

A much requested feature from the classic version of Gympro was the ability to categorise your clients as 'active', 'potential' and 'inactive'. We're excited to have brought this feature back in full swing with an added bonus.

Manually updating your clients is great, but unless you stay on top of it every week it's less than ideal. That's why we added some 'smart filters' to the mix. These filters are based on your scheduler sessions, so they're always up to date. At any point in time you can see who's been the most active or inactive for a specified period of time. And we've extended this to the email functionality so you are also able to send group emails for a status or particular smart filter. We hope it brings you better insights about your client base and simplifies follow ups.

Assessment indicators

Gympro assessment indicators

Assessment indicators are color-coded guides which help you identify your clients progress between each assessment. It compares each assessment to the previous one and calculates the difference. If the difference is positive the indicator is green, otherwise red.

How do we determine what a desired outcome is? You simply set a weight, body fat or girth goal under your client settings. For each one you can specify if they want to 'lose' or 'gain' more. You can also set it to 'none', in which case the indicators will still be there but they won't be color-coded. Hopefully this will help you gauge client progress easier and at a quick glance.

Body fat calculations for all

Gympro free body fat calculations

Gympro has an unbeatable free plan, which we call the 'Lightweight' plan. One of the limitation of it was that the skinfold assessment didn't include all of the automated body fat calculations (Jackson-Pollock, Durnin-Womersley etc.) Instead you had to enter the body fat amount manually. We decided that this wasn't a good enough experience for our free plan members. You'll be happy to hear that all the calculations are now included, free for all.

Table search & sort improvements

We have a lot of tabular data, which let's be honest could be more exciting. Even still, our goal is to empower you so that when you look at a table you have a better insight of the data. For example you should know how the data is ordered by default, be able to filter the table to the data you need very quickly and have the ability to sort relevant columns. We've done just that, and rolled it out across the board. Enjoy!