Gympro clients

Reliable client management

Simple, intuitive and fun to use. Always have your client's details, health info and goals handy. You can also send targeted emails to clients which are marked as active, inactive or potential.

Gympro programmes

Easy workout programmes

Flexible and quick. We've taken the hassle out of creating programmes. Add your own exercises, browse our library or just customize your previous workouts. We think you'll love it.

Gympro assessments

Track regular assessments

Weight, body fat, girth and your own custom assessments. With Gympro you will never lose any recordings and you will always know exactly how well your client is progressing.

Send SMS reminders

Send professional SMS reminders

It's easy, professional and saves you time. Your clients will love the extra attention and you will avoid forgotten or cancelled appointments. All included in your monthly plan.


Scheduling is a breeze

With a focus on efficiency and getting out of your way, our schedule helps you remember session times, session prices, whether a session was paid for or cancelled, and more.


Nutrition plans

Educate your clients about good nutrition by creating simple meal plans for them. We've kept Gympro lean and mean by letting you have all the control when creating a plan.