Building Gympro V2: Programs

2 January 2016

This is the second of an ongoing series of blog posts, outlining the new features and thinking behind building the latest version of Gympro. These posts will coinside with the count down to the release of the new and improved Gympro.

Programs overview

We've done some major improvements to the way the programs section works. The main focus was making the existing features even more intuitive and comprehensive. As a result, creating, assigning and reviewing programs & exercises is quicker and more enjoyable than ever. Here are the major improvements at a glance:

Let's get into the improvements!


This addition alone will be pivotal in how you structure all your programs. The idea being that you can set up as many templates as you need, and as your clients progress through their journey you can simply assign them the appropriate template. Of course, we've also added the ability to duplicate a program across to a different client in a much easier way. Templates work exactly the same as a normal program, however they don't belong to a particular client.

Program days

In the past we received plenty of feedback and questions about how to handle programs that span across multiple days. Fair enough, we hear ya. You can now create a comprehensive program for each day of the week. This is also another area where having templates comes in handy, especially as the size of the program is quite large and details every day.

Better workflow

We've improved the exercise search considerably, so that you can actually find an exercise with ease - simply start typing a part of the name and it will find all the relevant matches. What's more is that you can create your own custom exercises on the fly without leaving the program creation screen. We've also added the ability to add a youtube link to your custom exercises, a superset label and a dedicated "View program" page.

More exercises & new images

Growing our exercise database and having our own set of exercise illustrations has always been a goal of ours. I'm pleased to say that we've made significant progress in this department. We also decided that it's best to contribute these exercise illustrations back to the community, a luxury we didn't have when we started out. Last week we released Prime, our official exercise illustration set, out into the world for free use. We will continue to develop it in the future as there's still much more we can do. We also added a whole bunch of new TRX specific exercises as per your feedback.

Onwards and upwards.

- Aleks